Looking for private events/team building? We would love to host your special event. We offer a fun and unique experience that will leave your groups full of smiles and and inspiration!

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How it works for private events?

  • PICK A TIME & DATE FOR EVENT: Message us for any private event bookings and availability.
  • HOW MANY CAN WE SEAT? 12 seats max per sessions. 
  • DO YOU PROVIDE FOOD?: No. We do not prepare any food. We strictly do not allow outside food.
  • DO YOU PROVIDE DRINKS?: We have an in-studio bar with a range of alcoholic, soft-drinks and beverages. We also provide complimentary in-house wine for everyone. We strictly do not allow outside drinks.


  • A step by step painting instructions of the featured painting led by one of our artists
  • All materials to complete the painting – acrylic paint on 400mm x 500mm canvas, etc
  • Party photos taken throughout the session and posted on our website, Instagram, and Facebook page
  • Each person takes home his/her one-of-kind artwork.

What to paint?

  • OUR FEATURES PAINTINGS: Check out our Facebook page for updates.
  • DIFFERENT PAINTINGS: Not everyone has to paint the same thing. You can provide us what you would like your groups to paint. We will need a list or images from you prior to the event if different paintings are wanted 

Things to know:

  • Once you are ready for bookings, please submit the form below or PM us in our FB page and we will contact you.
  • Once we receive your deposits, we will block our calendar.
  • We will contact you a few days before the event.
  • Please advise all guests have to arrive 15 minutes early before schedule time so they can grab a drink, an apron & get settled in before we start painting at the scheduled event time, we will still need to stick to our 2 hour time frame.

Pricing: RM77 per person (min 8 pax, max 12 pax)

*Info above are subjected to change without prior notice. Kindly contact us for latest updates.

Send us your details for bookings!

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Course Date* 報名日期*

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